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Building energy saving new plan to promote the development o

National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of housing and urban and Rural Construction issued "green building action plan" requirements, strengthen public building energy management, speed up the green building technology research and extension, vigorously develop green building materials, to promote the industrialization of building. The launch of the program marks the rise of green building action as a national strategy, and will also play a role in policy guidance to promote the development of green building in China.

Green building is environmentally friendly, energy-saving and sustainable development of the construction, the implementation of the new scheme for ceramic building materials, doors and windows and other production enterprises began to focus on research and development production more green, more environmentally friendly new products. Under the guidance of the GB/T50378-2014 "green building evaluation criteria", area of green building technology is developing with each passing day, such as 3D printing architecture is not only a new construction method, is to subvert the traditional pattern of the construction. With the continuous innovative construction technology, the development of green building materials has a wider market.

In recent years, the new technology of green building materials, new brand emerging, attracting a lot of social attention. Energy saving glass as an important material for green building, widely used in buildings doors and windows, curtain wall, etc., set energy saving and decoration in one, by the market. The traditional energy saving glass is the insulating glass, and has the function of heat preservation and sound insulation.. With the development of modern building technology and simple and safe green housing concept enjoys popular support, to energy-saving insulating glass quality requirements more and more high, hollow glass layer of air condensation, anti impact performance is poor, low safety defects have become energy-saving glass industry problems. However, a new anti smashing technology. Not only completely compensate for the deficiencies of traditional energy-saving glass, perfect and show the unique charm of high-tech materials, set off huge waves in the building materials industry.

It is understood, using the technology of manufacturing & ldquo; anti smashing glass & rdquo; belongs to a new type of safety glass is the Ministry of public security inspection of industry standard products (with GA844-2009 "anti smashing glass general technical conditions"). In energy saving, the sound insulation and noise reduction, thermal insulation effect is higher than the ordinary energy-saving insulating glass; more important is, in terms of security, anti smashing the shock resistance of the insulating glass up to 100 times that of ordinary insulating glass, with super & ldquo; anti smashing & rdquo; function that uses the hammer sharp pick like sharp continued to hit can not be penetrated. Also when subjected to strong external shock, glass even disintegrated, the surface can still remain clean and smooth, it is effective to prevent the debris stabbed penetration and falling events occur, to ensure the safety of the people. At the same time, the appearance of this glass is thin, transparent, very stylish and beautiful. The performance of heat insulation and sound insulation is greatly improved compared with the traditional energy saving glass. The new type of anti - smashing insulating glass is not only more energy - saving, but also can protect the safety, and has a transparent protective barrier for the green building tree..

With the development of economy, science and technology, the rare historical opportunity of developing green architecture is in the development of green architecture.. New building materials have gradually with improve engineering quality, improve the building function, the continuous development and application will also promote the upgrading of enterprises, promote the progress of the industry, bring the enormous influence the development of green building. The new type of building material has embarked on the road of the dream of the green building.

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