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2015 new building materials will usher in booming

With the development of human intelligence, intelligent material is also valued and developed.. The so-called intelligent material, that is, the material itself has the self diagnosis and the forecast destruction, the self adjustment and the self repair function, as well as the repeatability. When the internal occurrence of a certain abnormal change, the internal conditions of the material can be reflected, such as displacement, deformation, cracking, etc., so that before the destruction of effective measures.

At the same time, the intelligent materials can according to the internal bearing capacity and external effect of self adjustment, such as moisture absorption wet materials, according to the environmental humidity automatically absorb or emit water, to maintain the balance of environmental humidity; automatic dimming glass, according to the external light intensity, adjusting the amount of light meet indoor lighting and health requirements. The intelligent material also has the function of the self growth and the metabolism which is similar to the organism, and carries on the self repair to the damaged or damaged part. When the building collapse, the material itself can also be reused, reducing construction waste.

The research and development of this kind of material is in the initial stage, and the function of self diagnosis, forecast damage and self adjustment have already been preliminarily studied..

Eco building materials are also studied, the concept of eco building materials comes from the ecological environment materials. The main features of eco - environment materials are energy saving, resources and energy, reducing environmental pollution, avoiding the destruction of greenhouse effect and ozone layer, and recycling and recycling. As a very important branch of ecological environment material, according to the meaning of ecological building materials should be in material production, use, disposal and regeneration cycle to harmonize with the ecological environment, meet the minimum resources and energy consumption, with minimal or no environmental pollution, best performance, maximum cycle reuse rate requirements design and production of building materials.

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