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The twenty-second China (Beijing) international architectura

The twenty-second China (Beijing) international architectural building materials and Decoration Expo in March 16th concluded successfully. Where architectural decoration and building materials industry leader brands are all this exhibition exhibition corner. This material also show Jian Baoxin shine.

March 13th, people poured into the hall. 9 am, the museum is located in 8B No. 36 building materials exhibition hall has a new bursting at the seams. The visitors for the construction of Baoxin products showed strong interest. With the development of the industry, exhibition also appeared and build Baoxin wood similar brand products, but built Baoxin material has been facing the realistic, excellent quality and superior products R & D level stable industry took the leading position.

the exhibition building Baoxin wood launched a new product categories, including wall panels, contour lines, half lines. External wall panel is Baoxin wood built specifically for the exterior wall decoration of buildings R & D and the decorative sheet, set easy to install, durable, waterproof and fireproof, anti UV, anti-oxidation etc. the advantages in one, can replace the currently on the market most of the wall decoration materials. Shaped lines and half line is mainly used for cylindrical and arch decoration, used in the cylindrical and arches can easily create a unique building style.

from the opening on March 13 to March 16, the curtain call, four days of the exhibition time, built Baoxin wood Pavilion reception visit number tens of thousands, an endless stream. The construction material products again with absolutely new advantage off the audience! We have been imitated and never surpassed.



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